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Trade Route

DrHydro, Jan 31, 12 2:54 AM.

Trade Route

Many players find that in Star Supremacy, credits seem very hard to come by, especially when trying to research the advanced technology to progress through the game. Take a quick look however at the most powerful players; their credit income exceeds 200,000 per hour! How is this possible, is it magic or Hex? Don’t worry! We’re going to show you all how to become a millionaire in Star Supremacy!
In Star Supremacy, there are three ways to gain credits.
The first is raiding resource nodes, this gains a few credits with each attack but needs constant attention.
The second is to sell resources in the Trade Platform building. But this uses up your valuable resources!
The third option is to link up trade routes. Some believe that trade routes only provide a few amounts of resources per hour so they choose to raid instead of capturing nodes. But properly used, trade routes can bring in amazing amounts of credit!
You have to build a Space Port before you can create any trade routes. A higher level Space Port allows more trade routes to be made. Once you have a space port send fleets to capture resources and get them to start the trade routes. Each trade route transports resources to your colony as well as earning you credit income. The maximum income is mainly affected by three things:
• Higher level Space Port
• Being part of a bigger alliance
• Better commander’s Financer attribute.
So as long as you keep upgrading your space ports and establishing more trade routes, there will be enough credits to keep researching!
It has been said that trade routes consume too much fuel. But the number of credits you earn is actually only limited by the number of trade routes. The size of your fleet or the level of the resource node changes nothing! Even a single shuttle to a level 1 resource node gives you the full benefit of credit!
Others have noted that they don’t have enough leaders to keep trading at the same time as expanding your empire. Don’t worry, raid to reach level 10 quickly and research Colony Expansion in order to establish your second colony. Having a new Base Control in your second colony will let you get lots more leaders.
Now, after reading thing trading walkthrough, have you got an idea on how you can earn over 400,000 credits per hour like the top players? What are you waiting for, go and hunt for your own nodes to make the most profitable trade routes yours.

The Three Factions

DrHydro, Jan 31, 12 2:53 AM.
In Star Supremacy, there are three unique factions that players can choose, the UEO, Altairians and Seekers. We would like to share a bit more information on these different groups as an guide for players both new and old:

UEO – A strong PvP orientated military faction (suitable for veterans, or paying users)
1, +10% credits income from all trade routes (★★)
Credits are used to research all new technology and trade for more resources. In order to get the full benefit of this bonus, the UEO player will need to hold onto as many resource nodes as they can and keep their trade routes active. The Credit bonus can give great flexability in times of need as well as access to more alliance buffs.
2, +1 action per colony (limited to 10 maximum) (★★★★)
To maintain their network of trade routes, the UEO player will need a large fleet. The extra action per colony allows for more ships to be constructed as well as giving new colonies a needed boost. In the higher ranks of PvP combat, the ability to rebuild ships and bases quickly is key.
3, +10% damage for all torpedos (★★)
The torpedo is the most powerful weapon in Star Supremacy, and is the mainstay of the UEO forces. But the real power of this bonus is the increased effect when using torpedoes to attack enemy colonies. The extra punch will make the difference when the target has shields installed.
4, +1 initiative of all lance weapons (★★★★)
The UEO have a knack for warfare and can even push the weapons of other factions beyond their limits. The Lance is a powerful energy weapon that is key at destroying targets before they can shoot back. If the UEO player can get a hold of this powerful weapon along with their Torpedoes, their fleets will be a force to be reckoned with!
5, Can research battleship chassis(★★★)
The Battleship is the largest and toughest ship in Star Supremacy, which is only available for the UEO player. When engaging in top level PvP combat, this behemoph will be the turning point where it is deployed into battle.
6, Can mine heavy metal nodes (★★★★★)
Heavy metals are required to manufacture high level armour, torpedo and capital chassis technology. The UEO’s ability to mine this material in distant worlds will make their fleets the last remaining when the dust has dispersed into space.

Altairians – A highly advanced and defencive race (suitable for normal players)
1, +10% ore production per hour in asteroids, nebulas and rings.(★★)
Once an Altairian player can venture forth into the distance reaches of space and colonise exotic planets, they will have the advantage over others. That is if they can hold this prized territory.
2, Colony quarters provide one extra colonist at per level. (★★★★)
Extra colonists mean better efficiency which in turn means that more resources can be mined. An Altairian colony in deep space that is well maintained can easily compete alone against enemy trade routes.
3, +10% damage for all lasers(★★★)
Altairians are masters of high technologies and their key weapon is the highly enhanceable laser weapon. With the combination of the laser’s effectiveness and the Altairian’s damage bonus, their Frigates will tear holes in the enemy fleets.
4, +1 initiative of missiles(★★★★)
The backup weapon of the Altairian forces is the missile. Altairian advances in sensor technology have allowed them to increase the range of this weapon even further giving them a massive advantage in early game when using smaller craft. Often an Altairian fleet will suffer no damage at all when equipped with their dangerous missiles.
5, +25% aircraft capacity of all fighter bays(★★★)
Altairians have also set their technological sights to miniturisation. Altairian fleets hold a surprising number of Aircraft to send into combat shielding their stronger ships. Expecially with high tech weapons equipped, their Aircraft will be well avoided!
6, Can harvest crystal nodes (★★★★★)
Most Altairian technology relies on the frequency resonations of crystals found in distant worlds. Crystals will aid in the design and production of the most powerful lances, shields and systems for your fleets. These resources would be devestating to allow to fall into the UEO’s hands and they must be kept safe at all costs.

Seekers – Built for colonisation(good choice for new players)
1,Production of Industial Plant and Factory +10%(★★★)
The Seekers are the best when it comes to industry. This allows them to make more goods, more efficiently than any other faction. Since goods are required for almost all advanced weapons and buildings, they will get the advantage when it comes to trading with the other races.
2,Building speed +25%(★★★★★)
The Seekers’ long time in space has made them highly adaptive to the enviroment, a key consequence of this is their ability to construct their colonies much faster than the other factions. However their construction of space craft remains the same.
3,Gauss gun and Rail gun damage +10%(★★)
A Seeker has very early access to advanced weapons, the Gauss gun even has the ability to independantly target multiple opponents at once lowering the danger of enemy aircraft. This technology and it’s bonus gives the Seeker player a strong advantage in the early game, as well as a solid bonus in the late game where Rail guns come into play.
4,Amour module performance +10%(★★)
Armour helps your ships survive in all situations. Other forms of defence are very one sided, but you can be sure that your armour will hold fast. This bonus is great when you don’t know what enemy you will be facing and need to plan for every opportunity.
5,Aircraft weapon damage +10%(★★★)
The Seeker’s biggest advantage is their skill at space flight. As well as getting easy access to fighter bays, every Seeker pilot is trained from a child to fly. This resulted in them having the strongest and most deadily fleets known in the galaxy! Beware a fully prepped Seeker fleet.
6.Can refine nebula gas nodes. (★★★★★)
The rare nebula gas can be found on distant worlds covered in harsh clouds. These gasses are the corner stone in creating the Seeker’s signiture electro-magnetic weaponary. Higher power Rail guns and EMP devices depend on this resource. Luckly only the Seekers know the secrets of it’s extraction.

Star Supremacy Operation Team

Colony Starship

DrHydro, Jan 31, 12 2:52 AM.

New Year Version Colony Starship

Star Supremacy New Year Version ——Colony Starship$ c+ {: M `0 X7 _7 m8 _% q
4 f5 u+ r9 z2 n) G! Y8 e4 K
The Space Fortresses have activated! t1 b ~, ]0 C: ^9 ?* V
1、 Space Fortress battles have increased in difficulty ----- Alliance team work is now even more important. P2 C2 x1 _ h0 b8 i* m0 c% M
2、 Holding a Space Fortress will allow the alliance to receive design fragments every 24 hours. These fragments are used to research the advanced and hidden technology of the Colony Starship.9 j$ t$ ^6 M2 a0 m& }
3、 Only those who have captured a Fortress can get these fragments. Rewards are sent via in-game email. There are altogether 7 different kinds of colony starship blueprints found among the planets. Collect them all and you will be able to complete the colony starship technology!7 K: i |% |0 M- _5 O
4、 In the near future, players who have completed their colony starship can depart to the distant Supremacy Stars and start their supremacy war for control of the universe!
3 X6 _- g; h1 M, ^8 I% X
2 f& j- n" B: rAlliance System Optimized
2 v: o( S; e( ]0 l6 H1、 Alliance leaders can appoint new alliance positions like vice leader, recruiting commander and research commander etc. Thise new positions allow the alliance the ability to be fully active even when their leader is away.; M( K% r. \6 |6 n% J" ^7 q6 s
2、 Alliance leader and vice leader can set alliance announcements for their whole alliance to see." g7 i+ u+ ~+ p: S( {

5 g5 F+ j/ j* W. H2 jBuildings upgraded
) u3 L% i" O$ X( P$ t5 m3 I! `) b1、 Weapon facility decreases the resource cost of ship construction
+ @3 J% ?0 X c0 l( E) C0 q; y2、 Engineering facility increases building construction speed.
8 X9 T% q* W) L$ p3、 High energy facility increases the effectiveness of your colony’s power supply.
h/ i3 {( X/ H+ N# f4 {7 D6 d" v ^1 F1 Q
B-Cred Shop adjustment
- X1 I$ K9 }4 h" m* m0 [) F1、 New speedup engine in shop; reduces the arrival time by 30mins.0 U0 h; ~# B- a( `2 i
2、 New items: small/mid/large firepower, increase the damage of all ships by 20%, last 1/3/5 hours
* T ~& o* G# `% I, K W3、 New items: small/mid/large defense shield, increase the defense of all ships by 20%, last 1/3/5 hours.
' @+ T6 K* Y, K4、 New items: light space shield and advanced space shield. The assigned colonies could not be attacked in 3 and 8 hours. + a+ F0 w, p# R- |2 S
5、 New items: small/mid/large double exp potion, increase the exp gain for all commanders by 100%, last for 1/3/6 hours.
" J, s3 J! P3 g( X. A6、 New item: increases colony efficiency to 100% immediately for 24 hours.
' c9 U2 X! M2 w7 h% M9 W1 S9 F( Q2 H7、 New item: liquid foundation, change rough spots into open spots without the need of a seizmic stabiliser.8 s) g) f- k5 ^8 c% _" L5 S ~3 \( x
8、 Some items have been removed from the shop as they are no longer needed. These items will remain in your inventory if you have already aquired them.
3 d. ^' P/ m/ r; m
9 s/ U" } A; `- z) }/ H5 F8 Q6 g3 MOther updates
0 {+ y$ X9 Z P6 l- N; P1、 Battles at space fortresses and enemy colonies now no longer have to wait for an attacker to finish fighting. In cases where there are multiple defenders, each will pair off against the attacking fleets. Capturing a space fortress is now a team effort!# R- i8 `/ r9 m; Y
2、 Space shield protection effect would disappear if players attack another’s colony.4 F2 ^1 s3 e6 S* b9 \4 T }
3、 Detector is able to detect invaders at your resource nodes.
; p3 w. B/ }) T2 o& I1 Q4、 Colony status button improved. You can now see if your colony is under attack or assaulted etc. 2 C' i Z) c' S% q; `( p/ j$ ~4 B/ {
. X/ S, r3 p) q5 x
5 q& i- [, X+ ~! g+ z5 r' ?1. Research ----- Laser Targetting, Lance Projection and Laser Focusing are weakened.; {% _# B: X, M; J2 D* ~2 y
2. Research ----- Light Warheads is strengthened. ! m8 {* Q _: @
3. New Game Funtion ----- Ship Enhance ! Maximal enhance level is +10. Use credits to enhance.
4 O" L* F" B2 m/ U7 v +1 ~ +3 Success Rate 100% . Ship armor is increased by 1% at each level* V) ]. ?; u$ n; H3 `
+4 ~ +7 Success Rate 75% . Ship armor is increased by 2% at each level8 h4 Z: S! i, ?
+8 ~ +10 Success Rate 50%. Ship armor is increased by 3% at each level
% H. A- _/ |% I& a6 s; F4. Rare Resource max storage changed. Now take 1/10 of your max normal resource storage
: z" i2 c! R" \5. Industrial Plant. Fuel Synthesizer exchange ratio changed5 h) l* h% ^/ S+ d

# e3 n$ t/ d5 W! X. hComing up at Mid Jan!!
5 M+ {! T# w4 mPlease enjoy our latest version of Star Supremacy!
: a# t/ Y% |- K1 S8 B2 m# jKeep your eyes on our game, we always have surprises for you!

War Version

DrHydro, Jan 31, 12 2:50 AM.

Get ready for the War Coming soon!

Dear players,

We have prepared exciting warm-up events before we update our next War Version. Launch date for the warm-up is projected on Jan 31st. There will be 3 Rounds during this event.

1st Round, Jan 31st 00:00 --- Feb 1st 23:59
Each player will receive the following free bonus items:
• Star Blessing x 1 (Recover 100% of lost ships after battle) (48 hours valid time of the item)
• Satellite Spy x 2

2nd Round, Feb 2nd 00:00 ---Feb 3rd 23:59
Each player will receive the following free bonus items:
• Star Blessing x 1 (Recover 100% of lost ships after battle) (48 hours valid time of the item)
• Satellite Spy x 4
• Minor Shield x 1

3rd Round, Feb 4th 00:00---Feb 5th 23:59
Each player will receive the following free bonus items:
• Star Blessing x 1 (Recover 100% of lost ships after battle) (48 hours valid time of the item)
• Satellite Spy x 6
• Minor Shield x 2

Furthermore, there will be discount on items under the Battle Tab in the shop!Guys! Let’s rock and roll!!

Battle related items are: Assault Engine, Swift Engine, Speedup Engine, Assemble System, Ship Craftsman, Star Mechanic, Satellite Spy, Three Firepowers and Three Shelters.

Star Supremacy Team

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

DrHydro, Jan 31, 12 2:10 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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